Press release September 2023 – Inauguration of the HyPSTER project*, first demonstration facility for renewable hydrogen storage in salt caverns

Inauguration HyPSTER 15092023

Friday September 15 saw the inauguration of the HyPSTER project, the first demonstrator of renewable hydrogen storage in a salt cavern.

HyPSTER is the first renewable hydrogen storage demonstrator in a saline cavity supported by the European Union and the Clean Hydrogen Partnership. With a total budget of 15.5 million Euros, including 5 million Euros funded by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, this unique pilot paves the way for the creation of an industrial sector for renewable hydrogen storage and for technico-economic replicabilitý at other sites in Europe.

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All about the HyPSTER project’s EZ53 platform site in a short video

All about the HyPSTER project’s H2 site in a short video