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Part of INEOS, INOVYN is Europe’s leading producer of Vinyls and in the top three worldwide.
Its portfolio consists of an extensive range of class-leading products arranged across General Purpose Vinyls; Specialty Vinyls; Organic Chlorine Derivatives; Chlor Alkali; Salt; and Electrochemical and Vinyls Technologies. Annual commercial production volume is circa 10 million tonnes.

It owns 15 manufacturing sites in 8 countries and 4200 employees.

INOVYN Runcorn (UK) manufactures chlorine, chlorine derivates and caustic soda but has also been producing, using and supplying hydrogen for over 100 years. It has a long experience in the safe manufacture and handling of hazardous chemicals and gases. It also has been involved with the storage of natural gas in salt caverns in Cheshire UK since the 1980’s.

Role in the project

INOVYNs involvement in the project is to define the specification for hydrogen demands and needs and identify cyclic test to be demonstrated, and input into the regulatory assessment and recommendations for large-scale deployment in Europe.

Relevant previous projects

HySecure: Feasibility study. New build bespoke salt cavern for hydrogen storage

CENTURION (in partnership with Storengy and Element Energy): Feasibility study. New build PEM 100MW electrolysis cellroom at INOVYN Runcorn Site and storage of hydrogen in a repurposed salt cavern at the INOVYN Holford Cavity Site.

ELEGANCY: partner in the project for decarbonization of heating and transport by fuel switching

EPOS (H2020 SPIRE Project): Enhanced energy and resource efficiency and performance in process industry.


Address :

INOVYN ChlorVinyls Limited
South Parade, Weston Point
Runcorn WA7 4JE, UK

Contact :

Abbie Donaldson
Communications Officer
38 Hans Crescent, London, SW1X 0LZ

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60 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris, France

Les Levées, 69360 Solaize, France

Halsbrücker Str. 34, 09599 Freiberg, Germany

14 Rue Vieux Faubourg, 59800 Lille, France

60550 Verneuil-en-Halatte, France

S Parade, Weston Point, Runcorn WA7, UK

École Polytechnique
91120 Palaiseau, France

Immeuble Djinn, 12 Rue Raoul Nordling, 92270 Bois-Colombes, France

Forusbeen 50, Stavanger, Norway

Brouard Consulting
101 Rue du Temple, 75003 Paris, France