ARMINES is a private non-profit research and technological organisation (RTO) funded in 1967, having common research centres with the Ecoles des Mines: Paris (Mines ParisTech), Albi-Carmaux (Mines Albi-Carmaux), Alès (Mines Alès), Douai (Mines Douai), Nantes (Mines Nantes) and Saint-Etienne (Mines Saint-Etienne).

Under the supervision of the French Ministry for Economy, Industry and Digital Technology, ARMINES is bound by French government-approved agreements. This public/private collaboration is working on research contractual activities and academic research training.

It currently shares 48 Joint Research Units (Common Research Centres) with its partner schools, where each legal entity, either private or public, provides personnel, investment and operating resources for common research purpose.
It is areas of expertise are:
• Material processing
• Sustainable energy and development
• Health
• Transport
• Resources and Environment
• Safety
• Innovation

It also owns a Solid Mechanics Laboratory to conduct research in the field of continuum mechanics at various scales and from theorical, experimental and numerical perspectives.

Role in the project

ARMINES is in charge of designing and interpreting two technical tests, in partnership with ESK and STORENGY: A tightness test and a test during which cavern pressure will be cycled.

Relevant previous projects

STOPIL H2: H2 storage in salt cavern

FluidStory: Storage in salt caverns for Electrolysis–Methanation–Oxy-Fuel (EMO) concept


Address :

60, Boulevard Saint Michel
75272 PARIS Cedex 06, FRANCE

Contact :

Pierre Bérest
Sustainability Consultant

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60550 Verneuil-en-Halatte, France

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École Polytechnique
91120 Palaiseau, France

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