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Storengy’s interview on HyPSTER’s replication. 


Is HyPSTER a project that can be replicated in Europe, or even in the world? 


HyPSTER project will pave the way to the green hydrogen storage. The demonstration thru an industrial-scale operation of cyclic H2 storage in salt caverns will support the emergence of the hydrogen energy economy in Europe in line with overall Hydrogen Europe road-mapping. 

This project aims at unlocking the key elements to renewable hydrogen storage at scale by: – Defining relevant cyclic tests to be performed based on modelling and the needs of emerging hydrogen regions across Europe 

– Demonstrating the viable operation of H2 cyclic storage for the full range of use-cases of emerging European hydrogen regions 

– Assessing the economic feasibility of large-scale cyclic H2 storage to define the roadmap for future replication across the EU 

– Improving the knowledge on the risks and environmental impacts of H2 cyclic storage in salt caverns and provide guidelines for safety, regulations and standards The roadmap of the project comprises the commitment of at least 3 companies for using hydrogen storage and 3 potential sites to replicate the cyclic hydrogen storage elsewhere in Europe on a commercial-scale by the end of the project. 

Furthermore, I am pleased to announce that countries outside of Europe are looking at us. For instance, no far from last week, we had a presentation with a county, H2 incubator situated in North America which would like to explore the green H2 storage at scale. Meanwhile we are studying how we could partner to support their development from a technological and development point of view. In conclusion, the project and its technologies that we are developing to produce and store green hydrogen for the first time at scale is a paradigm shift who will answer the future needs of storing the intermittency of the renewable energy thanks to green hydrogen. This project will be easily duplicable not only in Europe but also worldwide where salt cavern is located. 

Germain Hurtado 

H2 Project Director from Storengy